About us

Tommorrowland Music is have a team of dedicated and passionate music teachers who are experienced, qualified and engaging in their music lessons.

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Our Values & Teaching

We provide guidance to cultivate interest & unfold hidden in music and teach music appreciation.

We believe that everyone’s a star, and our lessons are planned based on each student’s learning pace and objective. We believe in getting to know each student personally, from their interest in the genre of music they like, their personal interests and about their lives, because Music Touches Lives and we want their musical journey with us to be a joyful one.


For Beginners who do not know what instrument they like to learn, we provide a mix instruments music lesson, where the student can explore different instruments in an introductory course, and then decide on which instrument to learn.


For the Advanced learner, we have qualified teachers who can provide guidance and help you to achieve goals

Come visit us and experience it for yourself!

How Sound Affects Us
Sound therapy involves using sound waves to heal the body and mind.
Such sounds are not what we traditionally think of as music but usually continuous tones created by drums, gongs or more modern ultrasonic machines. The theory behind sound therapy is that all of our bodies’ cells vibrate at a natural frequency. These frequencies can become misaligned or otherwise changed through illness or physical stress.
By subjecting the body, or part of the body, to a sound at a particular frequency such problems can be improved. An example is playing back a recording of a particular sound at a predetermined and constant frequency to treat muscular aches and pains, which may have been caused by stress.
Some people claim that sound therapy works well for them, while others remain more sceptical. Regardless of the effectiveness of sound therapy there is little doubt that music can affect us and can be used effectively to aid relaxation and stress relief.